Our Story

The Alduaij family office has a long and illustrious history in Kuwait as one of the most prominent and respected business forces in the region as well as one of the most socially responsible.

Today the Alduaij family continues to build on that history through its family business Alea Global Group, under the leadership of CEO Mohammad Alduaij. Alea Global Group has won several international awards, and Mohammad received individual recognition for his work in the field of conflict resolution.

Through their networks, Alea Global Group have formed strong personal and professional relationships with other family offices across the globe, all sharing much common ground and a willingness to work together.

From this network, experience and expertise, a series of successful Family Office Investment Summits has arisen, attended by ruling and elite families from the Gulf region with an historic and lasting influence on the global economy. Due to our success in the Gulf we expanded our activity into the APAC region.


Our Africa Summit

The Africa Family Office Investment Summit is the latest edition of a series of events, built on the success of Alea Global Group summits around the world.

As a single family office – as well as your conference host – we understand the needs, concerns and wishes of family businesses better than anyone else. We share your experiences and objectives, and we understand what makes an event like this beneficial to your family business.

The Africa Family Office Investment Summit is an exclusive event which has been designed specifically for families from Africa, or those with an interest in the African continent.

The aim of the summit is to help families connect and network, to learn from each other and to prepare for the future and the challenges to come.

With the support of our board of advisors, Alea Global Group acts as a catalyst, carefully scrutinizing service providers as well as fundraisers for their suitability and ability to address our highly distinguished delegates and to add value to the event.

We present a holistic picture of opportunities for investors by taking both location and industry sectors into account. At Alea Global Group we see the big picture and we think long term; supporting family businesses to strengthen regional economies, leading to the creation of jobs and wealth for everyone.

“People acting together as a group can accomplish things which no individual acting alone could ever
hope to bring about.”

- Franklin D. Roosevelt


Esteemed Speakers, some of which include:


Mohammad Alduaij

Mohammad Al Duaij

CEO, Alea Global Group, Kuwait.

Slim Zeghal

Slim Zeghal

Board Member & CEO, Altea Packaging, Tunisia.

Roberta Annan

Roberta Annan

Managing Partner, Roberta Annan Capital Partners, Ghana.

Saqib Nazir

Saqib Nazir

CEO, Interpay, Ghana.

Anesu Bridget Mhlanga

Anesu Bridget Mhlanga

CEO, SFO, Zimbabwe.

Angela Homsi

Angela Homsi

SFO, Rwanda.


Leah Zveglich

Managing Partner, The Aster Club Global, Global.

Baldwin Berges

Baldwin Berges

Development and Marketing Strategist, Belgium.

Fares Abi Nader

Fares Abi Nader

SFO, Lebanon.

Darshan Chandaria

Darshan Chandaria

CEO, Chandaria Industries, Kenya.

Kiran Daswani

Kiran Daswani

CEO, The Greens, Ghana.

Sunil Dhall

Sunil Dhall, CFA

Co-Chief Investment Officer, Bhansali SFO, UAE.

Dr Elikem Tamaklo

Dr. Elikem Tamaklo

Managing Director, NYAHO Medical Centre, Ghana.

Harry Wulfsohn

Harry Wulfsohn

Fleming Wulfsohn Africa, Zambia.

Dustin McBride

Dustin McBride

Murfin SFO, USA/Uganda/Zimbabwe.


Rozan Ahmed

Bougi, Sudan.

Registration, Networking, One-To-One Meetings With Refreshments


Welcoming Opening Remarks


Opening Keynote Speech: “How To Attract Middle Eastern Family Offices To Invest In Africa”

Mohammad Al Duaij, CEO, Alea Global Group, Kuwait.


Africa: Innovative Startups Around Every Corner

African startups tell inspiring success stories of going global.
Innovations and unique strategies for potential investors.
Insights into new industries dominating Africa’s exports.
Which African companies could be the next global breakthrough.


Speed Dating – Meet Your Perfect Business Match

Representatives of five African nations introduce their countries.
Investors learn about the most successful exports and global contributions.
Find out about the future of each region based on its changing economy and specific conditions
unique to these regions.


Africa’s Growing Middle Class And Consumerism

Alternatives to plastic: sustainability in retail and F&B.
Retail vs. online shopping.
Amazon, Alibaba and co. – Who is Africa’s unicorn?


Networking Lunch


African Families In Europe And The US

African families explain how to invest at home.
Learn to prioritize investments to support Africa.
Success stories of region-specific investments.


An Introduction To Impact Investing In Africa

Case studies: Impact Investment in Africa.
Industries and geographies – what brings maximum benefit for investors.
Learn to apply the fundamental guiding principles of Impact Investing.


Networking Coffee Break


The Technology That Will Shape The Africa Of Tomorrow

Robotics, 3D printing, drones, energy, fin-tech and more.
Which emerging technologies will have the greatest impact on the future of Africa.
Nothing new: Africa’s history as a region of innovation.


The Changing Face Of Tourism In Africa

A look at new campaigns aiming to boost Africa’s tourism industry.
Examining the contribution of tourism to the African economy.
Attracting new visitors – who the target group should be.


Networking Dinner


Registration, Networking, Breakfast


Welcoming Opening Remarks


The Rise Of Women Business Leadership

Enable and strengthen female executives.
Women entrepreneurs and their importance for regional economies.
Matriarchs: how women run families.


A New Era For African Business Opportunities And Foreign Capital

A look at startups, manufacturing and agriculture investment opportunities for international
Startup culture in Africa – opportunities and challenges.
Case studies: Pairing foreign capital with African business.


Allocating A New Wealth Or Asset Manager To Your Family

Fundamental considerations for assigning a new wealth or asset manager.
One size does not fit all – why you should let your goals lead your appointment of a new wealth or
asset manager.
Where and how to find the right person.


African Population Growth

How can food production keep up with population growth.
Use of modern technology like irrigation systems in African agriculture.
Protection of the environment and resourceful use of water.


Real Estate Investment In Africa

Where to find Africa’s real estate hotspots.
A look at social housing as an investment opportunity.
Investing in cities or developing rural areas.


Networking Lunch


Oil, Gold, Diamonds, Sun And Wind – Africa’s Resources

Africa’s most important resources and their meaning for its economies.
Mining investment opportunities.
Renewable energy investments.


Global Protectionism And Trade Wars

Can Africa be an alternative to popular Emerging Markets?
Where Africa is least protectionist and how to work a globalized economy.
How can Africa make investment for foreigners more attractive?


Investment Olympics

Take part in a fun competition to attract the attention of investors.


Networking Coffee Break


Roundtable Session 60 Minute Break-Out Session


Into The Future

An introduction to crypto currencies, blockchain, E-volved and more.
How they could shape Africa’s future.
Where to start investing into future technologies.


Closing Remarks


Cocktail Networking






Please Note: Registration is subject to Advisory Board approval. Terms and Conditions Apply.

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